Taser.28 Prebuilt Coils


This new model was created to replace (and improve) one of the most successful models in the history of Charrocoils, the 0.26. With the changes they have implemented, they have achieved a much more balanced puff, a more pleasant response and an improvement in flavor. These resistors have a peculiarity, and that is that they are the first on the market with a 2.75mm guide. They found a perfect combination of threads that was great in 2.5mm and in 3mm too, but both measures had their pros and cons, so they said: well, something in between and that’s how this resistance was born that aspires to give a lot to talk about. It is perfect for all types of single coil atomizers. Pack of 2 units.

Ohmage: 0.28 in single
full n80
2.75mm guide
4 wraps

Earn 55 Reward Points when you buy this product.
Earn 55 Reward Points when you buy this product.
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