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Golden Ticket


The ultimate recreation of chocolate milk. When it comes to fresh, creamy chocolate milk, there’s no comparison, Met4 have delivered the one and only e-liquid you’ll ever need.

Earn 75 Reward Points when you buy this product.
Earn 75 Reward Points when you buy this product.
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13 reviews for Golden Ticket

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    conor.fullam (verified owner)

    By far the best chocolate flavour Ive tasted. Its sweet so its harder on coils but its definitely worth a try.

  2. peterbevan95 (verified owner)

    The best chocolate vape out there on the market hands down. If you like drinking chocolate milk, vape this liquid, it’s that spot on..

  3. Conor Cassidy (verified owner)

    A surprisingly good flavour, wasn’t expecting to enjoy it so much. Tastes pretty similar to a Yazoo and not too sweet like I was hoping. For me I could get a very slight aftertaste of coffee but nothing that put me off the flavour. All in all good flavour, I recommend.

  4. mark2k92009 (verified owner)

    Genuinely does taste just like chocolate milk, if you like chocolate milk, you will like this.

  5. Facebook Profile photo

    Colin Mifsud (verified owner)

    It does taste of chocolate milk, sure, but if you’ve ever been to the states and tasted “yoohoo”, you might say that this tastes more like that than chocolate milk. It’s quite delicious though. Four stars.

  6. Ryan Clark (verified owner)

    I don’t really get the chocolate through from this but it’s still an amazing flavour and is my primary go-to

  7. Henshin (verified owner)

    Very sweet flavour. The best chocolate one I’ve had.

  8. Facebook Profile photo

    Ian Palgrave (verified owner)

    One of the best vape liquids i’ve ever tried. sweet, chocolaty and creamy. I just wish they made a bigger bottle

  9. jackmurphy (verified owner)

    The best and only chocolate vape that doesn’t taste like chemicals. Love it.

  10. Facebook Profile photo

    DragoBart (verified owner)

    Best chocolate liquid on market.

  11. Facebook Profile photo

    Deividas Lietuvis (verified owner)

    Not sure why everyone is telling that its great, but i wouldn say that.. maybe that’s just for me

  12. Facebook Profile photo

    Hannah Ní Chaiside (verified owner)

    Very nice chocolate milk flavour, strange aftertaste left on coils though

  13. tortillasticks (verified owner)

    My absolute favorite juice, haven’t had anything come close to chocolate apart from this juice!

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