April 2020

Updated Monday 23rd March 2020
We are accepting new orders and all orders are being fulfilled as normal. Should this change, we will update this article and the information on our homepage.

Updated Monday 16th March 2020
Some Chinese factories have begun to reopen and hardware supplies are gradually making their way out of China.

Mandatory Chinese factory closures have led to a global shortage of vape hardware and accessories. Uncertainty around when factories will reopen and resume normal operations has led consumers to stock up on supplies.



Every year, Chinese factories close down for Chinese New Year celebrations, typically remaining closed for a period of  1 – 2 weeks, leading to reduced supply and sometimes, a temporary shortage of vape hardware and accessories. As factories reopen, supply returns to normal levels and usually, consumers don’t even notice anything had changed.


What’s different this year?

This year, Chinese New Year began January 25, 2020 and was expected to end around January 31st. As a result of the Coronavirus outbreak, the Chinese government announced an extension to the 2020 celebrations, forcing factories to instead remain closed until February 10th.


How will this affect me?

While we don’t expect major shortages of most e-liquid brands, we are seeing severe shortages of the following products:

  • Hardware including starter kits, mods, tanks and pod systems
  • Accessories including batteries, coils and pods


When will it end?

While some factories have begun to reopen, official information is sparse and which factories have resumed operations is unknown at this time.


What can I do?

If you want to stock up on anything, please let us know. We continue to receive fresh stock, where available, every week.